Ecommerce: Buy Online and Pick Up In-Store Sees 200% Growth Year on Year

What is Happening?

However, it was the growth in consumers choosing buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) orders that was most surprising (+200% year on year).

Over the past week, Adobe, Shopify and PayPal released key data on the health of ecommerce:

  • 📈 Adobe found that ecommerce grew sequentially by 49%
  • 🛒 Shopify announced gross merchandise volume increases of 46%
  • 💵 PayPal on May 1st had its largest single day of transactions in its history

What Does it Mean?

However, strong online spending is a good signal for merchants and the brands that these customers desire.

According to a survey from the Washington Post and the University of Maryland:

  • 👌 56% of consumers are comfortable shopping in a grocery store
  • 🛑 67% aren’t comfortable with shopping in a retail clothing store
  • 🥗 78% don’t want to go into a restaurant.

It is therefore likely that as cities and countries open back up that many consumers are likely to prefer online transactions and BOPIS to in-store visits.

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